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Related article: Date: Fri, 09 young little nymphets porn May 2008 01:12:00 -0400 From: Subject: Chapter 2 Charmed Once AgainAll Rights To Charmed And Other Related Content Are Property Of Warner Brothers & Aaron Spelling Productions. All Rights Reserved.The Following Story Contains Content Not Appropriate For Ages Under 18. It Is Also Noted That This Story Is A Work Of Fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the Cast's true sexuality or any Other personal knowledge of their private lives. Thank-You & Enjoy.Season 1 Episode 2 - Charming & New "Part 2"[ Scene - San Francisco - Local Hospital ]Wyatt & Chris come rushing through the entrance of the hospital into the main lobby. They go up to the front desk free ukraine nymphet bbs where there is a Nurse reading a patience file.Wyatt : little young nymphets "Excuse me, we are looking for our brother"The Nurse looks up "Name ?"Chris : "His name is Aiden Halliwell" They both looked a bit panicked and anxious.The nurse pointed behind them and smiled. They both turned free archives nymphets around and saw Aiden sitting in the lobby looking out the window. They dashed over to him.Chris : "Aiden!" Aiden broke his gaze and looked over at his brother. He simply smiled.Aiden : "Hey you guys" Wyatt's jaw just dropped.Wyatt : "You call me... and briefly tell me you're in the hospital and all you can say is Hey you Guys" Chris kneeled down by his brother and hugged him.Chris : "What even happened ?"Aiden : "Well... I was in the market this afternoon and I started hearing voices"Chris : "Voices... you mean like crazy people voices... the ones that tell you to kill people..."Wyatt crashes back into a chair fozya guestbook nymphet and sighs.Wyatt : "I knew child nymphet nude fun you were crazy... but not this crazy" young nymphet rape Aiden rolls his eyes.Aiden : "You guys... Listen... It wasn't those type of voices... It was thoughts... Peoples thoughts. From the people who were around me" He looked at Chris and then to Wyatt "Like... I could hear what they were saying... but in my head"Chris looked over at Wyatt.Wyatt : "Your kidding me right ?"Aiden : "I'm serious... this really happened" Chris stood and sat in the next seat over.Chris : "I think the thing you read last night did something" He looked at both of them and took a deep breath continuing "And I mean... it did something to all of us" Wyatt covered his eyes with a hand prompting his head up "Something weird... like 'I did something I wasn't able to do before... type' weird" Aiden sat up straight, intent on what Chris was saying.Aiden : "Like supernatural weird ? Like powers... Witch powers ?" Chris looked down at the floor to think more clearly.Chris : "Well... one of the waiters was about to trip over a pile of potatoes and... well I yelled out to him... and all of sudden the potatoes went flying out of his way... great I sound crazy"Aiden : "Hey... I was the one hearing voices here" He exclaimed. Chris looked over at him.Chris : "Does this make us witches... I mean..." He looks over at Wyatt confused "Are we going to hell for this... or worse... a mental asylum... Oh my god... mom is going to kill us"Chris looking worried.Wyatt : "She already knows" Wyatt spoke up. His brothers quick to look at him "When in my office today... a pile of papers almost fell over and I went out to reach for them and suddenly they were frozen in time... they just... paused..." Wyatt removed his hand from his brow and looked up at his two brothers "When I was younger... I remember Mom coming down the stairs..." He paused for a moment... pain striking in his eyes "when dad... dropped a glass of water... but then all of a sudden the glass was in mom's hand... like she had frozen time and grabbed it before it had hit the floor and shattered"Chris : "So... Mom... is a witch... ?" He looked into distance feeling confusedAiden : "And so are Aunt Phoebe and Paige... I told you this, this morning" He looked over at Wyatt "That's why I wanted nymphets ecstazy info to speak to you this morning... I figured you had to remember something... you are the oldest... and most likely to remember things that we wouldn't"Wyatt stood up and looked out the window.Wyatt : "Let's go home and talk about this"[ We cut to outside the nymphets top 100 manor where the same man in a raincoat from the night before, stands looking at the house. He removes his hood revealing short wavy dirty blond hair. He looks away and continues down the side walk ]( Opening Credits - Show Theme Song - "All About Us" - TaTu )[ Scene - Halliwell Manor - Front Door ]Wyatt opens the front door, and walks in. Chris & Aiden follow in soon after and shut the door. Aiden makes sure to lock it.Chris : "So do we have any other powers?" They walk through the foyer.Aiden : "Well I read that our powers are suppose to grow" Into the sunroom.Chris : "What do you mean grow... as in get stronger?" They all sit down. Wyatt still quiet.Aiden : "Well yeah... but we also have other powers... I think..." He looks over at Wyatt "Are you going to say anything ?" Chris looks at Wyatt as well.Wyatt : "Blue lights..." He concentrates trying to remember something.Chris : "Blue lights ?" He looks at Aiden "What is he talking about ?"Aiden : "What do you mean Wyatt ?" Wyatt looks at Aiden nymphet hardcore virgin trying to remember.Wyatt : "Like... I don't know... I just remember being surrounded by blue lights"Chris : "Maybe we should look in that book...The Shadow Book ?" Aiden rolls his eyes.Aiden : "It's called the Book Of Shadows" Suddenly in a swarm of blue orbs the book appears in front of them on the Coffee table "Woah..."Chris : "I didn't do it..." He sits back retreating into the chair.Aiden : "Blue...Lights... Is that what you were talking about Wyatt ?"Wyatt : "Uhmm yeah... something like that" He stares at the book.Chris : "How did that happen... and what made it happen..." As soon as Chris finished the question, the book flew open as pages daddled back and forth with an ease till it finally landed on a page . Chris leaned forward and read the heading "whitelighters ?"Aiden moves forward grabbing the book.Aiden : "Magical beings given the opportunity of life after death. Tasked with the responsibility to watch over and guide young developing witches and other whitelighters to be" Aiden looked at the picture nymphets thumb above the description of a man being surrounded by blue and white lights from above.Chris : "So... basically... a guardian angel" Aiden nods in agreementAiden : "So this must mean we have our own Whitelighter" Closing the book.Chris : "So why would Wyatt remember those lights surrounding him"Aiden : "Maybe he's a witch and a Whitelighter ?" Chris looks over at Wyatt.Chris : "Yeah but last time I checked... he never died"Aiden : "Well as far as we know, which is very little... mom never died and she was only a witch" He looked down at the book and his expression quickly changed "Dad..."Chris : "Dad?"Wyatt : "He was moms Whitelighter" looking at his brothersChris : "If that's true... do you think it has something to do with his death ?"Aiden still looking at the book, concentrating about something.Wyatt : "Mom told us he was killed nymphet toples in a car accident... if he was really a Whitelighter he wouldn't have died..." Looking at AidenChris : "This is all to confusing for me... I don't even know what to believe anymore"Suddenly a man shimmered into the room. Aiden sees this and nymphet russians grabs the book. Chris jumps out of his seat and stands by Aiden. Wyatt who was turned away from the man gave the two a confused look.Wyatt : "What wrong with you two" Standing up.Aiden : "Umm we kinda have a guest" Looking straight at the man. Wyatt turns and steps back seeing the new face amongst them.Wyatt : "Who are you ?" The Man Smiles and lifts his hand creating an energy ball.Man : "The demon who's going to kill you weak little witches" the brothers look at each other.Chris : "Did he say demon... cuzz I'm pretty sure he said demon"Wyatt : "Run ! " The three of them start running in different directions. Aiden makes a break for the stairs and the demon throws the energy ball at him. It hits him sending him through the banister onto the stairs. "Aiden !" Chris was in the dining room.Chris : "Wyatt get down !" Chris tried to remember what his did at the restaurant so he flicked his hand in the demon's direction, and it sent the demon flying into the wall and right through it. Chris just stood and stared. Wyatt went running up the steps to reach Aiden. His shoulder was severely bleeding from an open gash.Wyatt : "Chris he's bleeding!" Wyatt just looked a this brother in fear, not knowing what to do "Chris!" He kneeled down by Aiden.Chris : "Apply pressure to the wound, slow the bleeding down" The demon slowly got up and looked over at Chris in rage "Oh Shit..." Chris went into the sun room and hid behind the sofa trying to think of something to do "Wyatt! Freeze him!" Wyatt placed his hands over Aiden's wound and looked at Chris.Wyatt : "I can't Chris" Wyatt sounding emotionally distressed "I don't know how"Chris : "Do what you did at the office" Chris peaking over the sofa as the demon was now walking in his direction "Hurry" Wyatt looked at the demon and just shook his head.Wyatt : "Dammit... concentrate... concentrate..." He waved his hand forward at the demon and instead of it freezing, it flew back and exploded. Wyatt couldn't understand what nymphets pictures fuck happened. Aiden woke up a bit and coughed. Wyatt put his hand back over the wound "It's ok Aiden, your going to be ok"Chris : "What the hell was that" rushing up to Wyatt's side "I said to freeze him not blow him up..." He gets his cell phone out and starts dialing 911 "I'm calling 911"Wyatt : "No!" looking up at Chris "what nymphet russians are we gonna tell them... we will look crazy"Chris : "Wyatt fucking youngest nymphets I'm not going to just let our brother die" He looked down at Aiden. Wyatt applied more pressure on the wound.Wyatt : " Come on little guy, hang in there ok " Chris placed his hand on Wyatt's shoulder and started to cry "Dammit what are we going to do Chris" Wyatt's eyes began to swell with tears as well. His hand began to feel very warm, he looked down at it. It began to emit a warm glow. "What's happening" Chris watches... as the hand on Wyatt's shoulder was also glowing. The blood around Aiden's shoulder slowly receded back into his body and the wound sealed shut. Aiden chest heaved into the air having him gasp out and breath.Chris : "Aiden!" He kneeled down and hugged both his brothers. Wyatt pulled Aiden up into a sitting position and hugged him.Aiden : "What happen? Did I miss something..." Looking at his two brother's confused.Wyatt and Chris both top nudists nymphets kind bbs little nymphets of laughed and hugged tighter.[ Scene - Front Of The Halliwell Manor - Next Morning ] Wyatt walked outside and grabs the morning paper off the lawn.Michael : "Good Morning" He's holding a cup of coffee. Wyatt looks up and stares at free hot nymphets Michael.Wyatt : "Michael... I thought you were in Los Angeles" Wyatt walked down the front path and over to where Michael was standing. They both look at each other.Michael : "I came back about a month ago" Wyatt looks down, and just lunges forward hugging Michael, burying his face into the others shoulder.Wyatt : "I missed you..." Michael wraps his arms around Wyatt.Michael : "I did too..." They hug for a moment longer and pull away. Wyatt smirks and laughs softly wiping his eyes.Wyatt : "What are you doing here ?"Michael : "What ? I can't just come visit my favorite guy in the whole world" Wyatt smiles and shakes his head tiny young nymphet side to side "ok ok... well I got a call from your neighbor last night saying their was loud noises coming from your house... so I decided I should stop by and see if everything was ok"Wyatt : "Oh I see" Wyatt looks back at the house and then Michael.Michael : "Well is everything ok ?"Wyatt : "Everything is great... we were just moving things around... making room for Aiden"Michael : "Oh Aiden is back living over here ?" Looking surprisedWyatt : "Yeah... shocking isn't it" Wyatt laughed awkwardlyMichael : "So I wanted to ask... Did you want to go out sick room nymphet to dinner... if you're not busy or scared"Wyatt : "Scared of what ?"Michael : "Oh you know... having to good of time... stirring up old feelings" He smiledWyatt : "Hmm your right... better not" Wyatt smirkedMichael : "Then Friday night, eight o' clock ?" He watches Wyatt's expression change "You're hesitating" He looks away sighingWyatt "Yeah, but it's not what you think. It's just that my life has gotten a bit complicated" Wyatt knew that was an understatement "Could I just call you ?" Michael : "Yeah... yeah sure" He reaches into his pockets and hands Wyatt one of his cards.Wyatt : "Thank you Michael"Michael : "Take care, Wyatt" He turns and walk back over to his car.Wyatt fucking youngest nymphets : "Bye, Michael" He waves. Michael smiles before getting his car.Aiden & Chris walk outside each holding a mug of coffee.Aiden : "See Chris, I told you I head a man's voice" Michael drives off.Chris : "What that Michael ?"Wyatt : "He asked me out..." Both Chris and Aiden smile.Chris : "And you said ?" Wyatt sighs.Wyatt : "I started to say yes and then I stopped. I wondered if I could date. I mean, do witches date ? or even be gay ?"Chris : "Not only do they date but they usually get the best guys" Chris & Aiden Laugh.Wyatt : "You two will not be laughing when this happens to you. Believe me, everything will be different now"Aiden : "Well, at least our lives won't be boring"Wyatt : "But they'll never be the same"Aiden : "And this is a bad thing ?"Wyatt : "No. But it could be little anal nymphets a big problem"Chris : "Wyatt's right. What are we gonna do"Aiden : "What can't we do ?"Wyatt : "We are gonna be careful, we're gonna be wise and we're gonna stick together"Chris : "Oh this should be interesting" They all laugh and head back inside. Chris stands just inside nymphet romlp the house, looks at the door and shuts it with his power.[End Of Part 2] [ By Joey ]I Hope You All Enjoyed This Chapter! Be Sure To Send In Your Comments! - Subject : Charmed